Fairview Family Engagement


Fairview Family Engagement is open to all parents and guardians of Fairview. We strive to be inclusive to not only parents but to all adults who may contribute to the well-being and scholastic experience of the students here at Fairview. We understand that family support at home may look multi-generational and could be comprised of grandparents, aunts, uncles, adult siblings etc. We welcome you and invite you to participate in any of the Fairview Family Engagement meetings or events. Please check the Fairview website periodically for information about upcoming events.  


To engage and support Fairview parents and guardians by providing a safe and inviting space to discuss and share thoughts, experiences and ideas. To cultivate a culture of collective learning for parents and guardians by offering various training and educational opportunities. To grow and enhance the social connectivity between Fairview parents, guardians and students.


FFE is a Fairview family centered space created to provide parents an outlet and safe space to openly share and discuss their thoughts, feelings, experiences and ideas. FFE allows parents and guardians to collectively meet and engage in open dialogue facilitated and structured by a designated Fairview District staff. FFE is formed to offer opportunities to discuss complex topics and offer education on a variety of topics parents are open to learn about. Providing education and training will broaden parent guardian knowledge base and also encourage student support. FFE will occasionally bring in community partners who are experts in these topic areas who can provide small groups, presentations and workshops.

Upcoming Events
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The upcoming events listed above are local Skokie community events and the Fairview Family Engagement Group events.