Second Grade

Team Members

Mrs. Ali
Mrs. Ali

Mrs. DeadyMrs. Deady

Mrs. KolianaMrs. Koliana

Mrs. Mullally Mrs. Mullally

Second grade is an exciting year filled with reading, writing, problem solving, and most importantly making new friends. In second grade we build on the foundational skills taught in first grade and our goal is to prepare students to become independent learners as they exit second grade.

Our reading program builds on the literacy skills previously learned as students continue to learn more complex words and read more rigorous texts. Second graders' exposure to literacy genres expands to reading more complex fiction, non-fiction, and poetry. The reading skills that second graders will develop include understanding key details in a text, identifying story structure, and analyzing character’s point of view.  This is taught through both whole and small group instruction.  In writing, students will have the opportunity to write personal narratives, opinion writing, informational writing, letter writing, and poetry. 

Our math curriculum builds upon the number sense developed in first grade. There is a major emphasis on place value, regrouping with addition and subtraction, measurement, and geometry. Additionally, students will work to apply these skills towards problem solving situations. Second grade is an important grade for personal growth and continuing to develop empathy and respect for others. This is accomplished through our SEL program, Second Step.

Second grade has some interactive and fun activities and projects throughout the year.  These include monthly themed projects, the second grade play, Thanksgiving/Native American Craft Day, landform building, celebrating diversity through cultural heritage months, and going on adventures to the Museum of Science and Industry and The Shedd Aquarium