First Grade

Team Members

Ms Fernandes
Ms. Fernandes

Ms. KoumiMrs. Koumi

Ms. MeyerMs. Meyer

Mrs. PozenMrs. Pozen

First Grade is a year of adventure and learning! Together we will learn new things and make new friendships! Sharing our ideas, our dreams, and questions will make this year very special! The First Grade team will welcome students with a big smile each day  because we truly enjoy the first grade learning adventure! 

Our beginning days of school are typically spent learning about expectations, routines, and organizing. This provides a critical foundation for independence and success. Throughout the year we will continue to foster this independence and success by learning to read fluently! Your child will learn over 100  new sight words and over  37 new spelling patterns! The children will become confident readers who are excited to both read text and become “authors'' as they write both nonfiction and fiction text! Additionally, the children will celebrate their mathematical number sense journey as they learn to add/subtract two-digit numbers (without regrouping), mental math strategies, and problem solving through hands-on activities!  We also do many hands-on science activities in the STEM lab and in the classroom! But some of our favorite days are learning about famous people around the world and traveling beyond the walls of Fairview! We have field trips to Wagner Farm, Skokie Public Library, and the Zoo!